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Ultratap Twist - Flow Control

Ultratap Twist - Flow Control
$69.90 Special $64.90

Ultratap Twist – Flow Control Faucet

Experience the ultimate in flow control convenience with a new twist in the design.
Ultratap Twist takes the world’s best laminar flow forward sealing design tap and provides a flow control feature that you can operate with one hand directly from the tap handle.

When it comes to pouring small glasses for paddles, flights, samples and small serves, you need flow control to get things to pour without making a mess.
Ultratap Twist makes flow control pouring easier than any other flow control tap on the market. Simply turn the handle clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or decrease the flow rate.

Side mounted flow control devices require servers to hold the glass, open the tap and control the flow. It’s annoying and messy.
Ultratap Twist puts real control in the hands of the server who can control the pour and the flow rate while they hold the glass with the other hand.

What’s even better is that if you already own a Keg King Ultratap forward sealing faucet, you can replace the internal working with a Twist upgrade kit to add flow control and turn it into a an Ultratap Twist. It’s that simple.

This unique flow control design is new patented technology, designed by Keg King right here in Australia.

Don’t bother with other flow control taps with side mounted flow control levers that barely work and are rip offs of 30 year old technology.
Get Ultratap Twist and get control over every pour so you don’t miss a drop.

Click here to watch a video of the Ultratap Twist in action

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