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Spunding Valve

Spunding Valve

The new Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve with Gauge has been redesigned to be more sanitary, accurate and easy to use. Brewers simply attach the gauge to an MFL Gas Disconnect and then set the valve to hold their desired pressure.
Can be used for relieving pressure when fermenting in Fermentasaurus, Snub Nose and for relieving pressure when transferring to kegs, or other pressure vessels.
The valve end now comes complete with markings for both PSI and Bars, making it easy to select your desired pressure setting.
The gauge dislays up to 15 PSI.
Constructed of brass with steel spring to control the internal poppet.
To adjust the pressure brewers will need to set the end of the valve to the desired amount of either PSI or Bars.

NOTE: The grey ball lock disconnect is sold separately

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