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Sour Mary - Berlinerweisse

10 Litre Sour Mary Berlinerweiss (Milled)

Please ensure you select batch size and whether you want the grain crushed or kept whole

Beer Description

A quick and easy sour that doesn’t require a separate set of souring gear! Perfect for adding your seasonal fruit to make a delicious summer quencher, or pack it with forest berries for that winter hit!

Note extra steps are taken for this sour

Souring Method:
After the mash, bring your wort to 85°C for 15 minutes to pasteurise it. Chill to 40°C and pitch your lactobacillus strain, covering with your kettle lid and wrapping with clear wrap. Leave for 36-48 hours to acidify wort.
After 36-48 hours, bring your soured wort to a boil, add your small bittering addition and leave for a full 60 minutes. Chill to 18°C and pitch your fermentation yeast.

Total Grain Weight: 1.84kg

Gladfield Pilsner
Gladfield Wheat
Yeast nutrient
Kettle finings

Makes: 10 Litres
Colour: Bright Gold
IBU: 5
OG: 1.035
FG: 1.007
ABV: 3.7%

NOTE: This recipe kit doesn't include yeast. We recommend starting fermentation with a pack of Fermentis US-05, and finishing the fermentation with one of the following Lactobacillus strains: Whitelabs Lactobacillus Brevis WLP672 or Whitelabs Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Bacteria WLP677. These are in our quick add section below .

10 Litres

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