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Julius NEIPA Clone

Julius NEIPA Clone (whole)
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Beer Description

The holy trinity of New England IPA - Citra, Mosiac and Simcoe. We’ve crammed this dank and fruity combo on top of a full bodied, oat filled malt bill to create a super crushable hop juice.

Total Grain Weight: 6.49kg

Gladfield American Ale Malt
Malted Oats
Weyermann Carapils
Flaked Oats
Weyermann Carahell
Pacific Gem
Yeast nutrient
Kettle finings

Makes: 23 Litres
Colour: Hazy Warm Gold
IBU: 80
OG: 1.065
FG: 1.015
ABV: 6.7%

NOTE: This recipe pack does not include yeast.
We suggest using either 2 packs of 1318 Lonon Ale III or WLP066 London Fog (or 1 and make a starter). Yeast is in the quick add section below
Our recipe packs are packed on the day you order to ensure freshness of both grains and hops.
Note: This recipe is not endorsed by the brewery.

23 Litres

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