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IKegger Pro Keg Kit 4L

IKegger Pro Keg Kit 4L

iKegger Pro Tapping Systems
Pour drinks on tap at home with the iKegger Mini Keg Pro tapping system.

These are great for beer fills at your local brewery or homebrew but also cider, cocktails, kombucha, sodas or any beverage you like.

Just fill the keg and screw on the keg spear then pressurise with the mini CO2 regulator, clip on the tap and pour like a pro.

The pro tapped packages come with:
• 1x Mini Keg or Growler & lid (you choose the size)
• Printed assembly and usage instructions.
• 4x gas canisters to start you off
• Stainless Keg Spear Top
• Silicone Dip Tube 1.2m (cut to length needed)
• Gas and Liquid Disconnects
• Chrome bar tap and handle + MFL shank
• Pro Mini CO2 regulator + MFL Swivel nut
• Spare O-ring Pack

These packages are our most variable and multi functional tapping system.
304 stainless steel. Passivated for use with beverages. These kegs are virtually unbreakable and carry a 5 year warranty
Uses the same ball lock posts as corny kegs.
Tap and regulator click on and off for storage.
The valves maintain the pressure in the keg with tap or regulator disconnected
Regulator can force carbonate home brew up to 25psi
Can be chained together with more of our kegs or with your current system so there is always beer ready to take away, just disconnect & go!
The Pro / Brewers top is interchangeable with all our Kegs & Growler (with adapter)
Half the size & weight of bottles
Perfect for camping, caravans etc
Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
Stackable design for easy storage
Marked with a fill line for easy filling at your local brewery / bar
Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating using the double ball lock spear top.
Great for cocktails or cold brew coffee served on Nitro. Tapping kits sold separately.
Perfect for maturing / ageing homebrew.. Throw some oak chips in there??.. just saying..

4L iKegger Mini Keg Dimensions:
13.5cm diameter, 35cm high (taps add approx 12cm to height)