Wort Packs

Hot Box Pale Ale

Hot Box Pale Ale

This mid strength Pale Ale has soft malt base that punctuated by a bang of US hops. Featuring some old favourites Zythos, Sabro and Santium, . It all equates to MMM yes I'll have another. Notes of tangerine, grapefruit, pine and pineapple. Strong tropical fruit punches through and a background pleasantly soft floral, herbal essence

*This wort pack comes with everything needed to brew the beer. If the beer is being bottle conditioned will need either priming sugar or carbonation drops also in the quick add section below. We'd also recommend finnings for a clearer beer

What's a wort pack? A Wort pack is the easiest way to brew at home. No extra ingredients are needed. You are supplied with all the ingredients made at a pro brewery. Tip your wort into a fermenter add the yeast and dry hop instructions and bottle or keg after fermentation.


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Featured Hops

1x US - 05

Expected IBU 28
Expected ABV 4.2%