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Hot Box NZ Session PIlsner

HOT BOX NZ Session PIls

This session Pilsner has a lower ABV than our standard Pils but still packs a hop punch with a gob smacking whirlpool addition of NZH101 and NZH105. We've added so much there's no need for a dry hop...unless you want to add your own of course. It's not really a Pilsner either as we're using US-05 yeast but it's summer and we want the beer sooner rather than later. This beer has a simple base with a pillowy white head. The lower ABV is matched with a lower than normal bitterness but the smack of citrus and tropical fruit is all you were after anyway, this is a summer session Pilsner after all.

If you want to smack in more hops we'd recommend adding more 101 and 105 up to 5g a litre

*This wort pack comes with everything needed to brew the beer. If the beer is being bottle conditioned will need either priming sugar or carbonation drops also in the quick add section below. We'd also recommend finnings for a clearer beer

What's a wort pack? A Wort pack is the easiest way to brew at home. No extra ingredients are needed. You are supplied with all the ingredients made at a pro brewery. Tip your wort into a fermenter add the yeast and dry hop instructions and bottle or keg after fermentation.


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Featured Hops
Trial hop NZH 101
Trial hop NZH 105
1x US - 05

Expected IBU 24
Expected ABV 4%

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