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Hot Box Lawnmower Ale

Hot Box Lawnmower Ale

This beer is the thirst quencher after gardening or mowing the lawn....or preferably the sitting on the deck watching someone else do the gardening and lawn mowing beer. Dry, clean malt base with low hop bitterness. We've added a whirlpool addition of Wai iti so you'll get background Citrus and stonefruit aroma. Ahhhh refreshing!!! There's no dry hop to make this a summer set and forget brew day.

*This wort pack comes with everything needed to brew the beer. If the beer is being bottle conditioned will need either priming sugar or carbonation drops also in the quick add section below. We'd also recommend finnings for a clearer beer

What's a wort pack? A Wort pack is the easiest way to brew at home. No extra ingredients are needed. You are supplied with all the ingredients made at a pro brewery. Tip your wort into a fermenter add the yeast and dry hop instructions and bottle or keg after fermentation.


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Gladfield American Ale
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Featured Hops
Wai iti
1x Fermentis US-05

Expected IBU 20
Expected ABV 3.8%

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