Gladfield Eclipse Wheat

Gladfield Eclipse Wheat - Whole

A bitterless black malt, Gladfield’s newest malt is the best way to add the smoothest dark brown/black colour to your beers without accompanying bitterness and with a very subtle flavour contribution.

Consider Eclipse Wheat as the blackest colour malt. Use for many styles when you want to adjust for colour, while adding a delicious minor roast coffee note.
You can use this in applications where you’re looking for similar colouring characteristics as Roasted Barley without the dark espresso character or potential astringency that
can sometimes come from very dark barley malts.
Eclipse Wheat is huskless and will not carry bitterness into your beer.
Use in higher proportions to make your black IPAs, Porters and Stouts blacker; adjust colour on your Belgians, Ales and Milds; and add
depth to your Schwarzbiers.
Use in place of debittered black malt and dehusked barley malts.
The subtle and smooth flavour means Eclipse Wheat is suited for a much broader range of applications than other roast malts or
chocolate malts. Including bringing the darkness to uncommon styles like Lagers, Wits and Saisons.

Max % of grain bill: