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Black Rock Colonial Lager

Black Rock Colonial Lager

Black Rock Colonial Lager is a light coloured, easy-drinking session lager with low bitterness - perfect to quench a hard-earned thirst on a sunny day. Brew with 1kg Brewing Sugar for a light, clean finish. For more body, colour and malt flavour use 1.7kg Black Rock Ultralight unhopped malt extract instead of sugar.
Typical Analysis: 6+/-2 EBC (Colour), 16+/-2 EBU (Bitterness)

To obtain optimal results it's also recommended to change the yeast. If you have a temperature controlled environment we recommend the Saflager S-23 for Lagers, and W-34/70 for Pilsners.
If you don't have any temperature control then you can replace the yeast that comes with the kit with Safale US-05.

Black Rock
23 Litres

Malt: 100% Lager malt
Hops, Bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem

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