Blichmann Fermenator G4 Conical 7 Gallon

Blichmann Fermenator G4 Conical 7 Gallon
$2,199.00 Special $1,699.00

Welded Tri-Clamp Fittings
All fittings are 1.5” tri-clamps and are sanitary welded into the heaviest gauge tank and lid on the market.

Pressure Capable Unitank
With 15 PSI (1 BAR) pressure capability, and the included integral pressure relief valve, you can ferment under pressure for reducing fruity esters in your beers, pressure transfer beer into kegs, or carbonate and use as a serving vessel.

Aseptic Racking Valve
The revolutionary patent pending aseptic racking valve takes the struggle out of keeping your sampling valve sanitary. Similar to pharmaceutical grade sampling valves, the new G4 aseptic valve can be filled with sanitizer between uses so all wetted surfaces always remain sanitized. No spraying. No worrying. No contamination.

Brushed Exterior, Polished Interior
Let’s admit it: our breweries are show-pieces for friends and families. And we work hard to keep them looking new. Like our Pro Brewing equipment, we’ve selected a sleek brushed exterior finish that is significantly easier to keep free of stains and fingerprints and gives that true pro-look to your brewery. Lastly, we’ve put a mirror polish on the interior to improve cleaning and yeast sedimentation.

Positive Seal Racking Arm
Loosening a racking arm clamp can lead to beer leaking from the joint, or worse yet, a clamp popping off and causing the loss of the full batch of beer. We’ve included an integral seal to eliminate beer leaks, and a long position indicating pin to allow the fitting to be easily rotated with minimal loosening of the clamp.

Integral PRV
Pressure vessels should ALWAYS have a pressure relief valve (PRV) installed during use for safe operation. Unlike some competitors, we include the PRV as an integral part of the lid so you never accidentally forget to install it, and don’t have to pay $60+ to buy one.

Dial Thermometer
The included tri-clamp thermometer reads in F and C, and the scale is perfect for fermentation temps.

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