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Beeched Porter All Grain Kit

Beeched Porter - Whole

Beer Description

A smokey porter, with hoppy earthy hints, backed with subtle hop spiciness is what you will find packed into this brew. Whether for the porter enthusiast, or a winter tipple, this brew is sure to infuse you with a soft mouthful of malty goodness!

Total Grain Weight 5.75Kg


Maris Otter
Weyermann Smoked
Flaked Oats
Baird Roast Barley
Bairds Black


Kettle finnings
Yeast nutrient

Makes: 23 Litres
Colour: Dark Chocolate Brown
IBU: 31
OG: 1.058
FG: 1.013
ABV: 5.9%

This recipe pack does not include yeast. We suggest using 2 packs of either 1318 (Wyeast London Ale III) or 1 Pack and making a yeast starter or 2 packs of S-04 yeast. Yeast and dry malt are in the quick add section below

Our recipe packs are packed on the day you order to ensure freshness of both grains and hops.

1 Batch
23 Litres

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