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Black Rock American Pale Ale

Black Rock American Pale Ale

Best Before 09/07/2021

Black Rock Crafted American Pale Ale is brewed with Caramalt and Roasted specialty malts for a typical APA flavour and pale brown colour. NZ Green Bullet and Pacific Gem hops are added at the boil to provide a moderate-strong bitterness. Black Rock APA is is already dry-hopped with Cascade to infuse a delicous grapefruit and citrus aroma. Brew with Black Rock Ultra-Light LME, or combine 2 cans of APA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness. Try brewing this recipe with a specialty US ale yeast like Safale US-05 for even better results.

This Kit requires either Dextrose, an enhancer, an additional can of plain malt extract, or pair with a second can of APA for an ever fuller flavour

Black Rock
23 Litres

Malt: 74% Ale, 13.6% Lager, 12% Caramalt, 0.4% Roasted
Hops, Bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Dry Hops: Cascade

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