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15 gallon Boil Kettle

15 gallon Boil Kettle

This heavy duty stainless steel brew kettle combine great quality and remarkable value. The 5mm bottom has 3 layers - an aluminum layer is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers for superior heat dissipation. This kettle comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel lid and hollow handles. Induction-ready

The Boil Pot includes:
Screw in Sight Glass - So you know exactly what level of wort is in your kettle, and what colour it is, as well as keeping it easy to see how much boil off has occurred during boiling.
Screw in Thermometer - So you can see how close you are to boil, then how close you are to pitching temperature at the end of the brew.
Screw in Ball Valve - For easy transfer from Kettle to fermenter, and easy cleaning.

15 Gallon

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