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Black Rock Export Pilsner

Black Rock Export Pilsner

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A traditional Czech beer in the Pilsener style. Crips, clear and refreshing.

Typical Analysis: 6+/-2 EBC (Colour), 16+/-2 EBU (Bitterness)

This kit requires either Dextrose, an enhancer or an additional can of plain malt extract.
To obtain optimal results it's also recommended to change the yeast. If you have a temperature controlled environment we recommend the Saflager S-23 for Lagers, and W-34/70 for Pilsners.
If you don't have any temperature control then you can replace the yeast that comes with the kit with Safale US-05.

Black Rock
23 Litres

Malts - lager
Hops - Green Bullet, Pacific Jade
Yeast (under the lid).
Hop extracts may be present.

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